“You killed it!”

… so said onlookers as we disarmed the Sitooter-i yesterday. Sorry but it needs a rest and has been suffering a little from the constant soakings and now the recent dry spell causing it to shrink and loosen up. So time to take it apart as it’s been in the City Botanic Gardens since April. We’re half-way there and will finish next week when it will be flat-packed and stored somewhere at QUT, perhaps for later re-assembly. Thanks to all involved and we hope you enjoyed it! Rob & Yasu

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Well Sitooter-i wouldn’t let us disassemble it on Friday as planned. So we fixed it up for another week or two at least until the weather is dry for a period and the ply arms and notches shrink enough to be removable. In the meantime, as we’ve (Rob & Yasu) spoken to many passers-by, visitors from abroad, sitters, recliners and regular walkers-by, whilst fixing up this and that over the past few weeks, we thought it would be great if you could post some of the pics we’ve seen you taking to Twitter plus hashtag  #sitooteri , for all to see!

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A week in the life of…

The wet weather hasn’t deterred enjoyment of the Sitooter-i too much, although some of the electronics have taken a while to dry out and recover. Some programming of the sensors has occurred in the past two weeks but it’s been difficult to record data on the laptop due to wi-fi limitations. The Sitooter-i has been amusing itself when no one has been around. It’s been powered up and scaring possums at night with its lights and beeps! Some maintenance work underway for a couple of days then back into action for the next 2-3 weeks after which we’ll dismantle it and maybe move it again… TBA.

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Supporting boards cut away so all ready and waiting for interaction. A week of wet weather slowed us down a little. Some tweaking to the electronics programming remains but otherwise all complete. When not interacting with visitors’ sounds, shading effects and local temperature changes the  Sitooter-i will be chirping away to itself from next week until mid-July, and all data will be recorded for later analysis. More to come about this plus visitor interactions and reactions.

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Windy blustery weather and rain eventually stopped play, but we got almost all complete. A few finishing touches on Monday next and it should be ready. The completed arms with electronic components were fitted today and some pre-testing done via battery. The next step will be to connect to site power, tension up the wire ropes, and knock away the temporary supports.

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Moving Sitooter-i (Video)

Video of Sitooter-i being moved from the original temporary location to its new home. The plan is to keep it at this new location until July. Absolutely everything went well, thanks to City Botanic Gardens staff who were really great – not even a single part broke. The move on the folk-lift was quite eye-catching too. We should probably do it again…? (hum… maybe not…)

Video shot and edited by Michiko – well done. 🙂

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How do you move a Sitooter-i? With the help of City Botanic Gardens staff, Allan’s 2 tonne forklift, a palette, some lengths of timber, plus sandbags. Thanks guys!

The remaining parts and sensing components will be added and the Sitooter-i will stay in its new location for 3 months.

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